The purpose of libfixposix is to offer replacements for parts of POSIX whose behaviour is inconsistent across *NIX flavours.


If you've downloaded this library through git, you'll first need to generate the ./configure script; in order to do that you need to have at least autoconf-2.67, automake-1.10, libtool-2.2.6b, pkg-config and check (for the test suite: see then run this inside the top directory: > autoreconf -i -f

For best results use a dedicated build directory instead of running the configure script directly in the source tree:

> mkdir build ; cd build
> ../libfixposix/configure
> make
> make install

On Linux, you might need to run «ldconfig» as superuser after installing, otherwise the *nix linker won't be able to find the library

Installation through distribution repositories

For a certain number of Linux distributions, there are officially supported repositories. You can find the instructions to configure the binary repository at Just click on your distribution, if present. also has a set of older instructions about installing on Debian-based distros.


All contributions and patches are accepted via email. You can use git send-email to create patches and send them to To find out more about git email patches please view the official documentation: