A collection of portfiles specific to Atlas.


  1. Clone this repository to a path of your choosing. A good, known working directory is /private/tmp.
  2. Edit your /opt/local/etc/macports/sources.conf file to include a link to the location of this repository on your disk.
    • As an example, if you had cloned this repository to /var/local/ports you would add a line above the default source in sources.conf with the following syntax: file:///var/local/ports
  3. Within the ports tree (this repository) execute portindex to recreate the port tree index.
  4. After setting up your new source, you will need to execute: sudo port selfupdate for MacPorts to update its sources.

Your set-up is now complete and you can install ports from this ports tree! When a port is not found in this ports tree, it will fallback to the default MacPorts official source.


All contributions and patches are accepted via email. You can use git send-email to create patches and send them to To find out more about git email patches please view the official documentation: